TOUR D/1 PRESTIGE CAPITOLINE MUSEUMS (Only English speaking guide)

COD: P 04


A fascinating concentration of artistic and historical wonders as offered by Capitol Hill is certainly unique. Just the Capitoline Museums would be worth a trip to Italy, not only for their contents but also for their majestic halls richly decorated by illustrious Renaissance and Baroque masters. The Rich amount of masterpieces exhibited there comes from Ancient Rome and Greece, such as the bronze Capitoline-She-Wolf, the Colossal Constantine head, the Marcus Aurelius in bronze, the Dying Gaul and the Capitoline Venus, but covers as well the successive centuries in a glorious way : for instance, the head of Medusa represents Bernini at his best. Our tour includes the Square, the Palazzo dei Conservatori, the palazzo Nuovo, the Senatorial Palace with breath-taking views of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Then it will continue at the Shrine of Fatherland . the "Vittoriano" (the top is directly reached from the Capitol square through our "secret" passage), with its multiple views of the Imperial For a and the whole City and it will end at the Trajan's Column, the best preserved and may be most interesting monument from Ancient Rome. Return to hotels or nearest point.

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Including : transportation, guide, entrance fees
From April to October : Wednesday and Friday in the afternoon, Sunday in the morning.
Departure time :
Morning between 07.45 and 08.30
Afternoon between 2.15 and 3.00